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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In the beginning. . .

When I was a child, my mom tried to teach me to knit, which was an utter failure. I just couldn't get the concept of so many loops on a needle at once and I sure couldn't manage to keep them all there. I made one scarf for my sister, which ended up only being big enough for her teddy bear, and promptly quit knitting. Then I found out my favorite uncle crocheted, so I tried to learn that, but I just couldn't "get it". Then, 9 years ago, I became pregnant with my oldest daughter and I was determined to learn the finer arts of fibers. . . So I started a blue blanket for the son I was sure I was pregnant with. When I found out at about 20 weeks that my son was in fact a daughter, I stopped crocheting that blanket and swore never to touch needle nor yarn again. A year later, my sister became pregnant with my oldest niece and I began to learn about cloth diapers and tiny knitted items and I decided to give it just one more try. I started crocheting again and this time it stuck and I was hooked. Then came my 2nd daughter. And my 3rd. And I decided to try knitting just one more time. And I was hooked. And the rest is history. . . And the story behind the name "Pinch Knitter" traces back to a baseball term "pitch hitter", which for some reason, I thought was "pinch hitter" (you know, the guy that hits in a pinch lol). Well, I'm the gal that knits in a pinch. So if you're the mom who bought all the supplies for that perfect project and then just couldn't get the hang of it, I'm your gal. Not only do I understand not getting knitting and crocheting (I've been there done that), I might also be interested in doing a partial trade for some of your supplies that you no longer need. So far, I have knit and crocheted wearables (hats, pants, sweaters, headbands, scarves, gloves, skirts, shorts, overalls), useables (sponges, pot holders, soap holders, wash cloths, dish rags, face scrubbers), playables (toys, teethers, tea sets) and embellishments (flowers, hearts, etc to go on other items). My next post (or couple of posts, depending on how long each takes) will contain photos of my past items. I hope you see something you like in there, but if not, feel free to message me. I love new challenges :)

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